la MADGI tient son Assemblée Générale Mixte

La MADGI tient son Assemblée Générale Mixte

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Assemblée Générale Mixte ​

La Mutuelle des Agents de la Direction Générale des Impôts (MADGI) a tenu son Assemblée Générale Mixte le samedi 18 septembre 2021 à l’espace Latrille Event aux II Plateaux.

Les assises de ce  jour avaient deux grandes articulations :

-Une Assemblée générale ordinaire (AGO) qui a permis aux délégués de statuer sur le rapport de gestion moral et financier du Conseil d’Administration de la MADGI présidé par monsieur KONE Yaya.

– Une Assemblée générale extraordinaire (AGE)qui a permis aux de se prononcer sur des projets d’amendement des textes de la mutuels soumis par le secrétaire permanant du Conseil d’Administration.

A l’issue des travaux de l’AGO, l’organe suprême de la MADGI a donné quitus au Conseil d’Administration pour le rapport moral et financier de l’exercice 2020, tel que présenté par le Président du Conseil d’Administration et corroboré par le commissaire aux comptes.

Concernant AGE, elle a adopté, conformément aux articles 18 et 29 des statuts et 42 et 49 du règlement intérieur, les propositions d’amendement des textes portant sur les points suivants :

    Revalorisation du montant de certaines allocations sociales
    • Décès d’un conjoint de 150.000 FCFA à 250.000 FCFA
    • Décès d’un enfant de 150.000 FCFA à 250.000 FCFA
    • Naissance d’un enfant de 20.000 FCFA à 50.000 FCFA.
  • Limitation à six (06) du nombre de sessions du Conseil d’Administration donnant lieu au versement d’indemnités aux Administrateurs. Quatre (04) au titre des sessions ordinaires et deux (02) au titre des sessions extraordinaires.

Au total, les travaux qui se sont déroulés dans une ambiance cordiale, se sont achevé par un déjeuner dans les jardins de l’espace Latrille Event.

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How Do You Get a Great Rush While Playing On the net Roulette?

How Can You Get a Good Rest While Playing On the net Roulette?
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If you continue to be a beginner in the online sport game, there are some things that you need to remember first before you begin betting real money. First, you should know that roulette can be considered a game of chance. It is likely that you will still lose on occasion, however good a player you are. Just like in slots, the trick to success is knowing when to stop. The online roulette game is just as simple to play because the slots, but regarding its random number generator, it functions differently.

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But, obtaining a fantastic rest has nothing to do with enjoying the online roulette game. There are many men and women who claim to have a bad day because of the stress that playing with the online roulette game causes them. When people are under too much pressure, they tend to lose focus and end up losing more money than they generally do. In case you’ve got a few moments of comfort and downtime, you can take time and regenerate yourself. This can give you the energy you want to maintain focus and increase your chances of winning. When you have a short break, you are able to take the time to review previous moves and approaches that worked for you and apply it to the next hand.

If you make the decision to play online roulette, always think about the principles of the game before beginning the real game. The game may seem easy, but there are rules that you need to follow, particularly if you would like to play the game with actual money. These online games are different from those played at land casinos, which means you have to read the rules of each one carefully to prevent losing your cash.
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Once you understand how to play with the online roulette game and follow the rules, you can relax and have a fantastic time playing. There are many players that seem to be stressed all of the time. If you keep yourself calm as you play, you will be able to focus on your game instead of worrying about your nervousness. Once you learn how to relax and control your nerves, you can have a great time playing against other gamers and winning some money as well. This can also make you a loyal player who just plays for fun and does not attempt to win money from the dining table.

How to Win at Live On the net Casino?

How to Win at Live Online Casino?
The way to succeed at live internet casino? In this article I am going to share with you some advice about how to succeed at live online casino slots. Most of the internet slots have been operated on the net. To play slots online you need a web browser or even a gaming website to get it. If you’d like to play slots, then you need to know how to win at online casino slots.

There are various sorts of slot machines in online casinos. Slots are designed for distinct game play. The slot machines consist of progressive, multiplier, bonus machines, video slots and twist and slots. In the USA there are now more than 500 live slots that accept consumers, and the top three slot games by amount of people are slot, blackjack and roulette. Should you would like to play online slots, then find free spins and acquire cash, see one of the recommended online gambling sites under. Before you start playing in these online casinos, you have to read the regulations and rules correctly.

Some online casinos provide VIP rooms where VIP associates (iors) can have access to a greater quality of slots games, bigger jackpots, decreased jackpot amounts, bonus cash and access to special software that enables the player to test the slot machine’s odds. A few of the bonuses provided by those VIP slots include; welcome bonuses, loyalty points and codes. Some of the top paying jackpots are obtained in the blend of bonus cash, bonuses, codes and jackpot dimensions. To be aware of the details of jackpot amounts, you need to check out the jackpot page on the website.

You might have noticed advertisements about online casinos claiming to give you an opportunity to win thousands of dollars without risking your money. Millions of people play slot games online and a good portion of those folks are most likely making substantial sums of money. There are a few people who gamble for company purposes. These folks may not want to risk their money in an online casino since they have some shares or other investments which need safe keeping. Hence, the probability of losing their money whilst playing online slot machines is very remote.

If you are planning to play with slot machines for gaming purposes, then it’s crucial to comprehend the fundamentals about the way the casinos operate and operate. There are particular requirements which you ought to follow when you make a deposit at the casino. You should first check out the welcome bonus and register for it. Once you make a deposit, then you can take the bonus level with you and use it for enjoying as per the terms of the casino. It is important to be aware that you can’t withdraw the money in the casino using the welcome bonus.
There are many people who play online casino slots for fun. But, in addition, there are lots of men and women who play just for cash. The casinos offer you free games for all those players that play with real money. Although you do not receive any cash when you play at no cost, you’re still able to get some excess money back from the casinos.

Free slots generally offer higher payouts than slot machines that have a maximum of one dollar a play. Of course, you will get less money for each hundred spins, but it does all depend on the machine. Additionally, there are certain machines that offer a much larger amount of money after winning. This is because these machines allow many people to perform for exactly the exact same quantity of money. You’ll need to increase your limit if you win large amounts of money in totally free slots.

There are a few suggestions which you should remember when playing slots online. If you do not know how to conquer a machine, you may read about how to cheat in online slots or play for money in online casinos. You will find guides that can help you turn into a jackpot winner so that you can win thousands of dollars. When you win, you can find a slot machine that pays out more than the slot machine you’ve started with.

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